Friday, October 23, 2009

Blogging Hiatus, Or Medical Woes to Cherish

The last 30 days have been an adventure in total frustration. It all started with the THE MOVE! Moving is not the most pleasant thing to do, even under the best circumstances. Getting rid of extra stuff, arranging for storage, help moving, a truck, turning off utilities, and on and on! Just when you think that you have all the bases covered, guess what, something else pops up.
With the move out of the way, I was looking forward to happily blogging away. Well the perils of Hypertension decided to attack with a vengeance. The Doctor responded with much alarm, ordering multitudes of tests. Reading the results, and prescribing tubs of pills for daily consumption. After beginning the ingesting of the mass quantity's of pills, I began to stabilize as far as my BP was concerned. However, the result of dropping the pressure 50 points on top and bottom, was drunkenness without drinking. I could barely walk,could not drive, and holding a clear and coherent conversation was not to be. No way I could even put words on paper and make any sense at all. Finally things leveled out.
But fate was not done with me. I got attacked by the Pig, and he bit me. That Pig can bite! First he kicked me in the head, then he body slammed me on the floor. The pain was bigger than I thought he could deliver. He wasn't done with me yet. Then he filled my lungs with junk which made the coughing begin. That Pig is one tough character!
Well things are finally getting back to normal, so here it comes, more Madness!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Peaches and Cream, Change to Dread!

We have been promised changes that will be as good as peaches and cream. Things will be so good that we will forget any hard times that ever happened in our lives. Yes, these changes are going to heal all the troubles that this old world can dish out. And it is so very simple, all we must do is turn off our ability to think. Turn off our morals, concern, logic, or anything else that might interfere with the change.

Now that we have turned off our compassion and logic the magic can begin. First we must start chanting that we are wrong and the President is the only one that's right. Second we will need to completely agree with what ever he says. We will need to enroll our children and grand children in his training camps, he did write the agenda. If he says that we must tattle on someone, so be it. Thinks can then really begin to change. Just think, there will be no old people driving and blocking the road. They will be so much better off not having to bare the burden of old age. We won't have to look for homes for orphans anymore. Those that are unwanted will never exist. There will not be sickness anymore. Universal health care will solve that problem. The soon to be Sainted one says so. Just think, if you don't have the money for insurance, the federal government will tax all that money from you that you should have spent on health care. That way someone who is here illegally can be properly taken care of. You had your chance. So if you get sick, the chance of the board approving treatment for you is slim.

Oh wait a minute, if there are no older people around, what happens in that few short years when I am there? The more I look at this man and his mission, the more parallels seem to exist that relate to a certain regime earlier in the 20th century. Reorientation classes for those that don't adhere or obey. Just ask those people in Montana! Camps set up for such. Road blocks to check for the swine flu vaccination. Taking the middle class out of existence. Basically running Christians out of government. Being Muslim is better in this administration.
Things my friend are not good, and I feel that the battle is about to begin. I just hope I am ready to give up all that is necessary to defeat these asinine people and their agenda.


Empty Suit, or Soon To Be Saint?

I am not sure about the one that was elected President. He is either the luckiest man ever, or he is but a puppet for someone, or some group of very powerful people. How can someone who is very low on the income scale afford an Ivy League education. How can this same individual be schooled around the world. It is said that his mother was Caucasian, why is it that none of his family is ever seen. Is he ashamed, like his wife is of the U.S. and all it stands for. Who groomed and coached him in his quest for the top job. Why is he so arrogant and condescending to the citizens of this country.
Why does the media protect him and boost everything he says as gospel? Why if you disagree with him are you then labeled a racist? If you say anything against his plans you are investigated to see if you are a subversive. Our returning military are labeled as potential anarchists. These same people took an oath to protect this country and the Constitution of the U.S. What about his oath? Did the empty suit not swear to protect the Constitution of the U.S. Or is he just another Marxist liar. Why is he pushing for a socialist state for our country?
I am amazed at the way this country of ours is just accepting this dribble that he is dishing out and walking headlong into oblivion. He bows to the King of Saudi Arabia, a less powerful country than ours, is it a sign of weakness or is the King one of his benefactors?
How about his accomplishments. 1. America is no longer a Christian nation. 2. He is buddies with a Marxist dictator dedicated to the destruction of the U.S. 3. His pastor is a known racist. 4. Iran is not the least bit afraid of him, no spine. 5. He took the ownership of the auto companies away from the people and now the Federal Government is the majority owner. What usually happens with Federal Property, it is locked away never to be seen by the people again. 6. He got a stimulus package put together, more foreign country's benefited than any U.S. companies. Try to get a stimulus loan. If you are not a foreign national, not a chance! 7. By the way he wants your guns!! 8. How about the big banks. I wish it was possible for us little guys to get multi-million dollar bonuses for bankrupting a company, like these clowns did. The Administration knew about the deal before the money was sent.
Yes Sir, this empty suit has accomplished a lot, way more than I can list. When he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, for nothing, it solidified my feelings that there is some group of big money people pushing this phony. Are you ready to just lay down and take in the rear? I am not, and I for one, am totally disgusted with this public display of worship for him. I am willing to bet that there will be pressure brought to bare on the Pope to make the empty suit a living Saint!
Get ready kids, the bull is not over yet. It seems that it is going to get worse before it gets better.


Friday, October 9, 2009

Getting Old, What a Trip!

Getting older can be a kick in the stomach of life. I know women that want their grandchildren to call them Auntie. A couple of guys that I know have their kids, and grand kids call them by their first name.
We might as well embrace getting older, no one has learned how to reverse time. There are not miracle cures for wrinkles. One lady who will remain nameless, spent untold amounts of money on face and necks wrinkles. That was two years ago, they're baaack!!! There is nothing that will let you just slap chop age away. No pill, cream, ointment, magic sheets, magic underwear, secret food that the government does not know about, but those snake oil salesmen make some money doing it.
Enjoy these few jokes.

Thanks to JO!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

When I Grow Up!

Often my thoughts will fall into the realm of what to do when I grow up. A 56 year old man still wondering, what a concept. Perhaps an astronaut, that would be fun. But the training would dip into my personal time. Maybe a fireman, but that require getting up in the middle of the night. Not something fun to do, we do need our sleep.
As the thinking continued, the world needs a new Superstar came up. Now that might be fun, riding around in a limo. Living in a big house in Beverly Hills. New girl friends constantly. Big, decadent parties, pure pleasure all the time. I forgot! There is no musical talent in me and it is hard to imagine all the old ladies becoming groupies. Their children would put a stop to it, and most of them would not want to wear Bikinis all the time. Once again, dream ended.
Now what could be the best gig on earth, being King, a CEO of a major corporation, Governor of one of the states. No way any of these things are good enough.
The only thing left is the perfect deal. It is the job of being the President of the US. Name another job that you can make laws and enforce them. Have armed body guards for you and your family. You can change the way people live. You tell your subjects what their opinions will be. You tell them what to wear, what drugs they will take, where they will live and how much they will earn. There is the ultimate military at your disposal. A fleet of jets to take you anywhere you desire at a moments notice. Your own private vacation home, impeccably maintained. You never have to pack for a trip, your entire wardrobe is duplicated everywhere you go. There is a personal valet always laying out your clothing and shoes. Your meals are always made to perfection. Every leader on earth wants your job, and jealous of you. It doesn't matter if people hate you, they just seem to go away. Maybe they are now sleeping with the fish.
If I am lucky enough to follow this buffoon who has the job now, it is possible to become a legend that everyone wants to be like. Kids would be named for me, roads and schools would bear my name. Yes sir, by the time this guy that is in there now is gone, the job might then be called the Royal Imperial Leader who advises the Creator. ( Remember we cant say God anymore)
I am excited about my new job, and think I only have to work for 4 years, and still maintain all the privileges of travel and protection. And to beat all, they will continue to pay for all those that stand around, do my bidding, and most of all kiss my butt! What a career!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Farm Stories

Having been raised in an agricultural way, I have seen a lot of crazy stuff and heard a lot of stories about the same. The hardest lesson I ever learned was when I wrote my name on the wall with milk, while milking a cow. My grandfather was not proud of me at all, he could not stand waste. Getting stepped on by cows, horses, and various other animals. Cleaning out stalls, cleaning the barn, after the milking was done. This is not a list of my favorite things to do, just things we did as kids.

But the stories we heard, when the work was done, was pure entertainment. My favorite was the story of the new bull. This story has been told by many people, but Grandpa told it so much better. Maybe it was because it was Grandpa telling it.

This rancher decided that the 4 bulls that he had was not keeping his herd properly taken care of, if you know what I mean. So one day this rancher went to the auction, searching for a new bull. The 4 bulls heard about this and started taking among themselves. The first and oldest bull said" I have 43 cows that are mine and I have no plans at all to share". The second bull said" well boys I have 22 cows and sharing is not in my plan". the third bull said about the same and finally it got to the fourth bull. The fourth bull said " Look guys, I only have one cow, and a couple that sort of like me, I really don't plan on sharing". Of course the chat went on for hours, planning on how to put this new bull in his place.

A few days later this big truck and trailer pulled on to the ranch with the pipes just bellowing and belching big black smoke. When the truck backed up tp the new corral, the new bull was set loose in the pen. He was a great big black bull with horns that were 2 foot long on both sides of his head. He roared and pawed at the ground. He tried to tear down the corral, he was just that kind of bull. This bull was a lot more than they expected! You might say that their minds were filled with fear!

The first bull lamented " maybe I was too harsh and quick to judge our new member. I think that I will share some of my cows". The second bull said" he does not seem like a bad sort, I am going to welcome him and share my cows. It is the friendly thing to do". The third bull said" we really should not have such a mean spirit about this situation, I am going to share and perhaps learn from him". They did not want to rock the boat, the new bull was much bigger than anyone had seen in the past. Finally, the forth bull threw his head up, bellowed and pawed the ground. The other bulls yelled at the fourth bull"you are crazy, he will kill you". The fourth bull yelled back at the other three "I know, but I want him to know that I am a bull too"!

Blowin in the Wind, Driving in N Texas

  • A guy about 60, riding a Fat Boy, wearing dress slacks, dress shoes, no hair except for a comb-over, wearing a black Harley t-shirt. The front of his shirt was up almost to his chin and his big beer belly was in the wind.

  • Driving on LBJ at 7 in the morning. Woman driving in the fast lane, drinking 4-bucks coffee, putting on makeup, talking on her phone @ 70mph!

  • Driving west on 380 just past 156 and people refuse to go more than 50, the speed limit is 65.

  • Heading down the road and come upon a car driving 20 under the speed limit. When the next passing zone comes up you decide to pass and the jerk speeds up to 10 over the speed limit.

  • People waiting to the last minute, then pull out in front of you and go slow. They have got to know the problem that they are causing.

  • Traffic stopped for 30 minutes, when you get there it is someone with a flat tire!

  • People sitting at a green light until it turns yellow, they were on the phone!

  • A driver in front of you, they are weaving, going slow, then fast, to you they appear drunk, when you finally get around them you see they are on the phone.

  • People that think that it is okay for them to pass in the turning lane or on the shoulder!

  • People that pass you going so fast that you think it is an emergency, they are sitting at the next light when you get there.

  • Rock trucks dropping part of their load as they drive down the road.

  • Drivers that will not pass the other one, so they roll down the road at 60 on a 65 mph speed limit.

  • These are just a few of the things I have seen, and I would love for you to give me the story of your driving horrors.